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Electrical Elements & Controllers

  The primary source of heat for all our radiators is central heating water. However many of our radiators allow for electric and dual fuel options, look for these symbols in the radiators descriptions Electric Dual Fuel.
When either of these symbols are seen or the description states "electric" or "dual fuel" the radiator can use electricity as a source of heat for the radiator. In the case of the Electric symbol, electric is the only option and central heating cannot be used. Radiators with the Dual Fuel symbol have the option to use central heating water, electricity or a combination of both. Additional parts are required when installing radiators for use with electricity.

Electric Electric Only - With this choice the radiator requires filling with a solution, usually oil or inhibitor. Then an appropriate element should be inserted into the radiator, this is the source of heat. Some of the radiators on our web site have an option to select this choice directly as a package, they are the ones that have options "Pre-filled with Thermostatic element" or "Pre-filled with Standard Element" . Should these options not be shown for your choice of model, you may still have this choice but the items would need to be select and added separately, if you are not sure please call our sales line for guidance.

Dual Fuel Dual Fuel - With this choice radiators can be used with a choice of central heating or electricity. Usually this occurs during the summer when the central heating system is switched off but the towel rail or radiator is required to still be warm. When the central heating is working the electricity should be turned off and the radiator will use the heat from the central heating to warm the radiator, when the central heating is off the element may be turned on to keep the radiator warm. To make this choice parts required would be an element and a "T" piece, since the radiator uses the water from the central heating system pre-filling is not required with these options. Look for "Dual Fuel with Thermostatic Element" or "Dual Fuel with Standard Element", Should these options not be shown for your choice of model, you may still have this choice but the items would need to be select and added separately, if you are not sure please call our sales line for guidance.

Controlling Electric Options

There are two types of electric elements, thermostatic and standard.
  • Thermostatic Elements - These elements have the ability to regulate their temperature, there are two small buttons on the element allowing it to be turned up or down to set the temperature of your radiator to your liking.  The thermostat controls only the temperature of the radiator not the room that the radiator is installed in.
  • Standard Elements - Standard elements have no control over the temperature of the radiator in normal use. The element should be selected to suit the radiator it is installed in, once switched on the radiator will warm up and maintain a temperature dependent on several factors including room temperature and any towels draped upon the radiator. the element may be switched on & off manually or by the use of a controller once the required temperature has been reached.
  • Standard Elements with Wireless Thermostat - Combining an external thermostat with a standard element will allow the control of the temperature of the room that the radiator is installed in. This will work both for electric only and dual fuel options. When the central heating is on and the room is at the required temperature the element is switched off by the thermostat, should the central heating be off, either in the summer or via it's own timer then the radiator thermostat will switch on the element maintaining the required temperature.
  • Standard Elements with Programmable Wireless Thermostat - This option gives the most comprehensive and efficient control of your radiator. It works exactly the same as the wireless thermostat but adds the option of setting different temperatures at different times of the day. Typically this would be used to turn off the radiator overnight but bring the radiator up to temperature before getting out of bed in the morning, not wasting the energy of having the radiator on all night when not required. 

Note : Standard Elements have a safety cut-out to prevent over temperature.

Commissioning Of Electric Radiators

Electric radiators require commissioning prior to first use, this is not required for dual fuel installation.

We have a downloadable pdf for your convienience.


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